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DynaEnergtics // A Small Device Makes A Big Impact – DynaSelect

As a tactic in the larger DynaEnergetics brand roadmap – to raise awareness of the DynaSelect system, increase preference and consideration, and capture qualified leads for the sales team – ahead of the Road Tour activation, we implemented a B2B focused advertising campaign.

The print and digital campaign ran from June 2015 through 2016 in the following B2B publications, and had an extensive programmatic media component.

DMC / BOOM Account Team:
Account Lead // Sr. Producer // SMELynn Twiss

There were three creative deliverables that would be rolled out.

Product Focused

Pique interest among E&P and Wireline audiences with a different take on a product-centric ad.

DynaSelect - A Small Device Makes a Big Impact

Safety Milestone Highlight

Build on recent industry-qualified data which highlights the technology and safety milestones that DynaSelect has achieved.

There's a reason why DynaEnergetics has had over 250,000 perforating shots without a safety incident - DynaSelect

Total Cost of Operations

The last would be the complete system and the benefits that DynaEnergetics brought to each aspect of the well site.

Publication Specs

July-Sept 2015
4C – Full PageJournal of Petroleum Technology
4C – Full PageE&P (Energy & Petroleum)
4C – Full PageAmerican Oil & Gas Reporter
4C – Full PageWorld Oil
Oct-Dec 2015

For these months the creative would switch to showcasing the TCO Campaign with a 1/3 insert in the opposing side for the DynaSelect Product Showcase creative above

4C – Full Page + 1/3Journal of Petroleum Technology
4C – Full Page + 1/3E&P (Energy & Petroleum)
4C – Full Page + 1/3American Oil & Gas Reporter
4C – Full Page + 1/3World Oil